Jungian Psychology and the Arts


Next Summer Course date and location:

August 5 - 10 2018

Hothorpe Hall, Theddingworth,

Leicestershire LE17 6QX


- Jung's Depth Psychology

- The Arts in Psychotherapy

- Myth and Symbol in Human Development

- Active Imagination 

These were themes that Irene Champernowne explored throughout her life, and that continue in the work of the Trust that bears her name.

The Trust offers courses to support those who work at depth with people in distress, and provides assistance with therapy for those whose means are not sufficient.

Both these tasks are costly and our resources are under pressure.  

Find out out how you can help.

The Champernowne Summer Course

Since 1972 The Champernowne Trust has offered its week-long* residential Summer Course for people working at depth in the helping professions, combining lectures and discussion with arts-based workshops and activities.

These courses have enabled exploration of practical, creative and inspirational applications of Jungian psychology in personal and professional life, and encouraged personal and professional development by linking creative and psychological aspects of change.

They are based on the premise that problem solving and innovation, whether in the arts, sciences or therapy, demands the cultivation of insight, enterprise and imagination.

The Course has a broadly Jungian/archetypal ethos, without dogmatism or evangelism.

More information about Champernowne Trust courses here.

While the Trust has at present no events planned before our next Summer Course in 2018,

you can find events of interest  offered by our partner organisations

on our EVENTS page.

* Now five days,Sunday to Friday.