Summer Courses

Since 1972 The Trust has offered Summer Courses for people working at depth in the helping professions, combining lectures and discussion with arts-based workshops and activities.

These courses have enabled exploration of practical, creative and inspirational applications of Jungian psychology in personal and professional life, and encouraged personal and professional development by linking creative and psychological aspects of change.

They are based on the premise that problem solving and innovation, whether in the arts, sciences or therapy, demands the cultivation of insight, enterprise and imagination.

The Course has a broadly Jungian/archetypal ethos, but without dogmatism or evangelism.

The next Summer Course is planned for the summer of 2018

The 2016 Course has been judged a success

Participants said

I enjoyed the lectures.... well presented, informative and accessible ...the music workshop – excellent, especially as it had three of the overseas students in it.

.... lovely conversations from deeply personal to erudite, new friends and ideas.

Inspiring and revitalising ... a chance to let go of much stress, recharge my batteries and re-engage with my creative spirit.

For a flavour of the Champernowne Summer Course see belowand outline of the  2016 Course

Or go to The [2016] Course in Depth  or The Course Values  for greater detail.


Psychology and the Arts

Exploring analytical psychology through the arts, imagination and interaction.

For professional and personal enrichment

Sunday 31st July to Friday 5th August 2016

   Windsor Great Park,  Berkshire SL4 2HP  England  UK

Theme for 2016

The Ice and the Fire: Empowering Heart and Mind

An exciting and stimulating programme of creative activities based on the ideas of CG Jung.

Lectures and seminars, discussions, arts workshops, open arts studio, music, song, poetry and dance in the beautiful setting of Windsor Great Park.

The Champernowne Trust is a mental health and educational charity, founded in 1969 by the late Irene Champernowne. It was established to promote psychological health through Jungian psychotherapy and the creative arts, building on the pioneering work of the Withymead Community which ran from the 1940s-1960s.

The Trust’s principal objectives are:

1. To advance education through the provision of courses, conferences, workshops, lectures and information for members of the medical, educational, psychotherapeutic and psychological professions, with the purpose of improving public mental health.

2. To promote the ideas of CG Jung through proven and evaluated methods, with the purpose of enhancing skills and knowledge and the practice of creative and psychological therapies.

3. To promote and protect the health of those in need of psychotherapy through the provision of financial support to those who, through lack of financial means, would otherwise be unable to avail themselves of such treatment, with the purpose of improving their mental, physical and spiritual health.

The purpose of the Trust’s summer course is to provide those working in the helping professions with a time of professional and personal restoration, an opportunity to restock mentally and spiritually, with the ultimate aim of enriching and enhancing their therapeutic practice to the benefit of users of their services.  CPD certificates are provided on completion of the course.

Quotes from past course members: extraordinary and unique course... the atmosphere of warmth and support. It helped me enormously both in a therapeutic sense and also as a simple, peaceful restorative treat.

I think it is WONDERFUL... it gave me personally a sense of freedom to express myself and be all that I could be.

... a place where being holistic and intuitive is normal, instead of being alternative and different as it is in the world in general ... a chance to step back from my life, to renew and grow.

Truly wonderful experience ... the spirit is so beautiful... feels very unique.

Theme for 2016


The symbol points the way to something beyond. To experience life symbolically is to touch on the deep meaning of who we are and what we do. Images of ice and fire are manifestations of archetypal forces in the world. The hero or heroine meets these elemental forces on his or her journey, confronting trials on the way towards finding the true self. The mysterious quality of these symbols enhances the language of the imagination, opening a portal to a sacred realm where the reality of psyche can be found and wholeness comes within our reach.

There is a strong sense of control in much of our society, including areas of the health, education and social care professions, with emphasis on quantitive performance measurement, targets and outcomes indicators, and standard forms and processes of intervention. The course will offer a counter-balancing stance, exploring the wild and chaotic, the intuitive and creative; thus, ice may be the ‘frozen’ paralysis, and fire the wild, untamed force. Yet both these symbolic – and physical - elements have positive and negative qualities – ice preserves, fire consumes - bringing a paradox to enrich the exploration of our theme.

The theme, in all its richness, will be explored, studied, played with and shared with others, with the purpose of enriching both professional practice and personal wellbeing.

Champernowne Summer Course

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The Lecture Programme      

More about the lecturers and their topics here.

GUEST SPEAKERS  will address the theme in distinctive individual ways

 Brenda Crowther                                                         Jungian Analyst, Lecturer and Editor of Harvest

Alchemy: The Flow of the Opposites through the Mystery of Ice and Fire

 John Miller                                                                    Analyst, Child and Family Psychologist

The Fire of Creation and The Fire of Transformation

Dr Tamsin Edwards                                                      Lecturer in Environmental Sciences, Open University  


On the Language of Ice and the Fingerprints of Fire

Ann Shearer                                                                   Jungian Analyst and Author   

Jung's Two Kinds of Thinking

The Workshop and Studio Programme      

More about the workshops, the workshop and studio leaders here.


Dance Movement                                                          Aleka Loutsis

Music                                                                               Alison Davies

Drama                                                                             Richard Hougham

Fairytales                                                                         Antonia Boll

Writing                                                                             Michael Vizard


The painting and clay studio will be open twenty-four hours a day.

Studio Leaders: Catriona MacInnis and Claire Lee


SOCIAL DREAMING MATRIX:                    Lindsey Harris

Summer Course Committee

Michael Vizard, Director • Hilary Fisher • Lindsey Harris • Tom Lindsay • Coral Mann

COURSE FEES: £795 shared room £1150 single room

Deposit £150

Grants available.

Application form and information on request.

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