Announcing the 2015 Autumn Workshop

A one-day workshop in London is planned for 31 October, fruitfully entitled “Autumn Workshop.”

It is hoped that it will bridge the gap to the next Summer course.  There will be workshops with Voice/ Singing led by Hilary Fisher, and Movement and Body with Michael Gavin.

“This one day workshop will deliver a taste of the renewing spirit of Champernowne’s longer courses in the short compass of a day:

  • a convivial coming together
  • a mythic theme
  • gentle and playful engagement with creative activity
  • good company and a good lunch
  • ​the choice to dive deeper or splash joyfully in the shallows
  • ​and a final gathering before departing enlivened, refreshed, and perhaps enlightened”

It is for you if you are involved in therapy, in education, in the creative arts and seeking community, inspiration or refreshment.

For more details go to the Courses Page.

The Champernowne Trust Friends scheme

Introducing The Champernowne Trust Friends scheme, which was launched by the Trustees in Spring 2014. We are hoping that Friends together can do something really worthwhile. Your support will enable the Trust to continue its vital creative activities: supporting individuals with psychotherapy and providing training courses which will enhance professional and personal lives and practices.

We are keen to develop our scheme and the interest and contributions of our Friends, and we welcome comments and feedback.

You will read much more and find an application form in this leaflet.

42nd Summer Course: Becoming Human

Becoming Human: Exploring Inner and Outer Worlds

3rd to 8th August 2014 Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park

 There has always been a fascination with what it is to be human, living on this planet Earth, part of the infinite cosmos. We wonder why we are here, and what is the purpose of life – not only of life in general but also of our own particular individual life within the greater pattern. 

 When C.G. Jung surveyed the wide African plains, he became aware as he stood watching the great herds of roaming animals that the purpose of human beings is to become conscious of the whole of the unconscious natural world. This must include becoming more aware of our own unconscious processes, since we are all part of nature’s richness.

Having access to all aspects of ourselves, including our creativity, provides the foundation for the psychological work we engage in with others in the ongoing process of renewal and individuation.

Solutions to this great mystery of becoming more conscious – more fully human – may be found both by looking outwards and by looking inwards. If we can explore the psyche within and around us with reverence, we may tap that profound human potential of imagination; releasing creative images, ideas, and, indeed, ways of living. Such creativity may help us to achieve a future which inspires hope and joy rather than fear and alienation.

In this course we will share in an exploration of this journey of becoming human, through lectures, arts workshops and studios, and in our meetings together, taking in aspects of ecology, mythology, the collective and personal psyche, and healing.

Elective Programme includes lectures, workshops, painting and clay studio, social dreaming matrix, seminars, music, and dance: a programme for heart, mind, body and spirit, set in the beautiful milieu of Cumberland Lodge and Windsor Great Park.


Cost: £795 for en suite shared room

En suite single rooms available at additional cost

Student and other grants available on application

Full information, including application form, will follow in the New Year.

Contact: Goretti Barjacoba, Course Administrator

Tel.  0741 5278 788


Summer Course – Sunday 3rd August to Friday 8th August 2014

I’m delighted to announce that the Champernowne Summer Course next year will be held at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park. The Lodge satisfies the most important features that were listed by respondents to the recent survey by the Course Review Group. It is an excellent conference centre with first class facilities. It is accessible. It is a beautiful house in the lovely surroundings of the royal park. The Trustees are very happy that we have been able to negotiate the return of the summer course to its original home.

You may wish to access the Cumeberland Lodge website. Even if you are familiar with the Lodge from earlier years, the site will give you a description of the Lodge as it is today, with its enhanced quality and facilities.

We will have sole occupancy of the Lodge. There are ample bedrooms, single and shared, all en suite.

It is hoped that we will be able to offer shared rooms at a similar price to the cost at our last venue, Buckland Hall in Wales: about £800. Single rooms will be available at a premium yet to be fixed, possibly in the region of 40% higher. As in all previous years, there will be some student grants offered by the Trust.

The dates of the course areSunday 3rd August to Friday 8th August 2014.

Further information, including applications forms, will be available shortly. Meanwhile, we hope you will pencil in the dates.

It would be of real help to the course planning committee if you would indicate your interest in attending the course by filling in this survey. This asks you to indicate whether you might attend the course, and, if so, what you might require in terms of single or shared occupancy of bedrooms. It would be appreciated if you were able to respond by the 1st November. We are only looking for an indication at this stage. Your responses will not be taken as commitments.

Thank you.

Michael Vizard

Course Director

The Education Review Group

The Champernowne Annual Summer Course 2012 was a great success, as it has been consistently over very many years since its first appearance. As one participant wrote:

 “Something rare, extremely valuable”

At the start of the week, Champernowne Trust Chair, Pam Stirling, announced that there would not be a course in 2013. The Trustees had decided that we should pause and review after forty-one years. The decision was in part an economic one: how could the Trust continue to provide the course in a financially viable way whilst staying true to its original educational terms of reference? The Trustees established an Education Review Group to explore the way ahead.

The Review Group has had three meetings to-date. We were greatly helped by having available comparative data, both financial and on the course participants’ profile.

The Group identified a number of actions, to:

  • Research other venues
  • Identify the unique features of the course for marketing purposes
  • Create a  set of specifications and a complete re-design for the Trust website
  • Establish contact with key people and organisations
  • Develop the proposal for an annual Trust lecture
  • Progress a CT Friends scheme proposed by Trustees
  • Set up a survey, linked to the website, for completion by course participants

What has the course provided? What have been its unique and invaluable features? The Group’s work on these questions established a list of components, key among them being the following:

  • The Active Imagination experience
  • Emphasis on integrating the course experience with professional practice
  • A grounding in Jungian theory
  • Opportunity for reflective personal work
  • Networking and sharing in a multidisciplinary environment

We have established clearer criteria for the course of the future and we are working towards the possibility of a course in 2014.  What is important to the Trustees is that we should use this opportunity to create a course which will meet the needs of participants in a world of changed economic and professional circumstances.

What Next?

Your own views, information and advice are essential for the on-going work of the Review Group. We have created a survey about the Summer Course to gather feedback from attendees, please take a few minutes to fill in our survey. We hope you will be able to contribute.

The review group will update progress on this website and, also, put the results and analysis of the survey on the website when we are able to do so.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.