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We hope that you will join us for this rare and precious experience. Even if you are not able to, we would be grateful if you would help us to spread the word. 

You can download the Flyer for the course here, and we hope you will share it with anyone you think might benefit, either the old fashioned way by printing and displaying it, or in the 21st century digital fashion via email and otherwise according to your technical now-how. 

More about the Champernowne Summer Course

The course has a long tradition, deriving from the pioneering work of Jungian Analyst, Irene Champernowne.  Since 1972, the Trust has offered its week-long* residential Summer Course for people working at depth in the helping professions, and has come to embrace anyone with  an interest in Jung, in psychology and the arts.   The course combines  lectures and discussion with arts-based workshops and activities, and with a varied and informal social programme.  Some have claimed it is unique. We would certainly be interested to learn of any other course quite like it.

 Lecturers have included notables from many fields:  Anne Baring, , Ann Shearer, Jerome Bernstein, DM Thomas, Adolph Guggenbuhl-Craig,  Monica Furlong, Ronald Blythe, Anthony Hopkins, Wendy Perriam, Diana Halliday, Molly Tuby, Salley Vickers, Andrew Samuels, Frank Delaney, Anthony Stevens, Michael Mayne, Karen Armstrong, Laurens van der Post.   We have also featured presentations from analysts and therapists talking about their clinical work and research  in  settings as diverse as NHS in-patient treatment, private practice, a project for children with life-limiting illnesses, Broadmoor...

Our creative workshops have included Dance Movement, Music, Drama, Writing, Fairy Tales, Drumming, Outdoor Sculpture.  It has been a tradition of the course that the Arts Studio is open 24 hours, to catch the fleeting dream image in paint or clay when needed, as well as being available during the afternoon workshop time.  In our new venue it will certainly be available all day.

Over the years the courses have enabled exploration of practical, creative and inspirational applications of Jungian psychology in personal and professional life, and encouraged personal and professional development by linking creative and psychological aspects of change.

They are based on the premise that problem solving and innovation, whether in the arts, sciences or therapy, demand the cultivation of insight, enterprise and imagination.

The Course has a broadly Jungian/archetypal ethos, without dogmatism or evangelism.

(* Originally a whole week, the course is now five days.)

 Jung's Depth Psychology

The Arts in Psychotherapy

Myth and Symbol in Human Development

The Arts in Psychotherapy

Active Imagination

These were themes that Irene Champernowne explored throughout her life, and that continue in the work of the Trust that bears her name.

The Trust is committed

to promote the thinking of C G Jung

to support those who work at depth with people in distress through the provision of coures

and to provide assistance with therapy for those whose means are not sufficient.

These two latter tasks are costly and our resources are under pressure.

Find out how you can help.

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