The Course in depth

You can get an idea of the of the content, ethos, and arrangements of our Summer Courses from this description of the 2016 Course at Cumberland Lodge

The Champernowne Trust Summer Course is designed to bring rest, refreshment and renewal on every level to those who work at depth in the service of others. 

For some this may simply mean blessed time luxuriating in the comfort and grandeur of a royal lodge, ​and its magnificent surroundings in Windsor Great Park, with good food and companionship, for once free from all external challenges and demands.

For those seeking more stimulus and scope there is an incredibly rich programme of activities: Lectures, Workshops and Arts Studio, and a range of other formal and informal activities.

There are some minor changes in the scope and timing for 2018 because of the change of location.

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The Course Theme

For each Course a Theme is chosen both for its topical relevance, and its deeper significance in the human psyche. Given the Jungian background of the Trust, the themes often have a mythical or alchemical slant.

In 2016 the theme was "The Ice and the Fire: Empowering Heart and Mind.  For 2018, "Images of Power And the Power of Images" has been chosen.

  • workshops & studio
  • other activities

Over the years a mosaic of additional optional activities has become part of the Champernowne Trust Summer Course experience: 

Singing:  led by Hilary Fisher*

Morning singing - for everyone​, even "can't singers";  Six-o'clock Singers - for those seeking a little more of a challenge

Introduction to Jung Seminars

These seminars are offered to anyone who would like to learn a few of the basic elements of C.G. Jung’s psychology. What did Jung mean by the contrasting terms - conscious and unconscious, ego and Self, complex and archetype, anima and animus? What is the psyche, and do we all have a shadow? What about dreams, and why are symbols so important? Is individuation possible, and do I have a soul, or a spirit? What is the meaning of my life, no less? By exploring together in these seminars, we hope to glimpse briefly what lies at the heart of depth psychology.

Social Dreaming Matrix:  led by Linsey Harris**

Dreams have the potential to reveal the hidden messages of the collective unconscious. In a Social Dreaming Matrix, the host convenes a group of participants, and together we create a distinctive atmosphere of respect for dreams. In this safe boundaried setting, within a special seating arrangement, the Dream Matrix allows participants, if they feel moved, to tell a dream spontaneously, and without personal interpretation. A special quality of reverence may be experienced palpably within the holding Matrix, even by those who are not moved to speak. Afterwards in dialogue, we reflect consciously upon what these dreams reveal to us about human lives and our present world.

In addition there is the option of Qi Gong ( a moving meditation, not unlike Tai Chi) before breakfast, two evenings of different kinds of dancing, and an evening - "Your Turn" -  when we entertain ourselves and one another with our many assembled talents, and other events that may emerge spontaneously. 


Hilary trained at the Royal Academy of Music. She has sung professionally for many years as a soloist with choral societies and in opera. She performed for ten years with 'Cavatina', took her one-woman show, 'A Chorus of One' to Edinburgh and since 2007 has toured with Flamin’ Dames. The Dames currently present a programme of Noel Coward and Ivor Novello called 'Queens of Song.'

Teaching has been an important part of Hilary’s life since she left the Academy. She has a private teaching practice in South West London and gives masterclasses at AIMS International Music Summer School.


Lindsey Harris is a Jungian analyst working in private practice in Wandsworth. She is a professional member of the Association of Jungian Analysts, and has been a practicing visual artist and a local government arts development officer. She produced 44 illustrations for Alan Mulherns’s book The Sower and the Seed (Karnac 2015). Dedicated to the power of the imagination to repair and transform the psyche, Lindsey values all art forms for their capacity to express the energy, imagery and potential of the individual and the collective psyche. She loves the myths, folk song, and fairy tales of the collective unconscious, appreciates synchronicities, and tries to live the symbolic life.

and just for  fun....

In the gardens  there are tennis courts (bring your racquet) , and a croquet lawn.

In the basement, snooker and pool table, table tennis​

And there is a well stocked bar​, open at the times it should be.